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We distribute your press release locally, nationally and internationally with a worldwide network of online and print news outlets. Unlike other major press release distribution services, we have no membership fees, and no added charge for targeting your press release.

Press Release Template


Contact Name
Position, Company Name
Phone Number
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Email Address


Headline (Main Title of Press Release goes here)
Subtitle (optional)

City, State, Date – Lead paragraph. This section is a brief paragraph that includes the who, what, when, where, and why of the news. Keep in mind that this is a crucial section and that the most important information should be placed here. Create an interesting introductory paragraph that will instantly capture the attention of the reader and will encourage them to read further and even write about your news release.

Second paragraph: This paragraph goes more into detail and provides relevant information about the news. For instance, if the company is launching a new product or service this paragraph can delve into the features or benefits of the merchandise or service. If the news release is about an event, this paragraph can contain information about its importance and the reason why it’s taking place. Sell the sizzle not the steak here with keyword rich text!

Subsequent Paragraphs. The following paragraphs present less important facts or supporting information about the news.

Boilerplate. In this section, provide a brief description about the company. It would be helpful to include information such as the company’s industry and key points about the product/services being offered. In addition, provide the media with contact information on where to go to or who to get in touch with to follow up or have access to detailed information about the news.

# # # (This marks the end of the press release.)

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