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We distribute your press release locally, nationally and internationally with a worldwide network of online and print news outlets. Unlike other major press release distribution services, we have no membership fees, and no added charge for targeting your press release.

Press Release Tips

There are seven basic elements that every press release should have in terms of content and how it appears.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: These words appear in the upper left-hand margin, just under your letterhead. To make this heading stand out, always boldface and capitalize every letter.
Content Information: Skip a line or two after the heading and list your name, title, telephone, fax, Web address and E-mail address.
Headline Title: Skip two lines after contact information and list in boldface and centered you headline title.
Dateline: The city your press release issued from and the date your are mailing your release will begin your first sentence.
Lead Paragraph: The fist paragraph needs to grab the readers attention but also quickly impart the relevant information key to your message such as the who, what, where, when, why and how so vital to a news story.
Text: The main body of your press release should thoroughly develop your angle.
Concluding Recap: At the bottom left hand corner of your last page restate your Web address and restate one or more irresistible offers on your Web.

All press releases and press release information submitted to this site, including free press releases and press releases written on a client behalf, are solely based on what our users submit. Press-network disclaims any right and responsibility for the information contained therein; if there is any issues with free press releases or a press release written for a client please go to the client directly user who submitted the press release. We are a press release service that writes and/or distributed press release on behalf of clients.