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Visalus Ingredients - Are They Helpful or Harmful?


It is a dream of most of us to get a figure that causes envy among all. To achieve that many of us leave no stone unturned. But neither all these means are scientific nor are they very effective. When it comes to supplements or protein shakes, chances of getting mistaken are quite high. Richard Davis through his business website intends to throw some light on a product called Visalus Shake which seems to be fruitful way to shed weight. Davis suggests that Visalus shakes are food substitutes which keep down the hunger pangs for a substantial period of time.

Visalus ingredients are made up of proteins, vitamins and pre-biotic fibres. They carry low levels of carbohydrates and sodium so that they can help cut down the extra fat of the body. Pre-biotic fibre of the shake is a remarkable constituent for digestion and Aminogen which is also another helpful element present in the shake admixture absorbs protein the best way possible. Reducing weight is not all that the Visalus ingredients do. This is only a part of the weight losing process. Apart from diminishing fat content, the Visalus shake also works in increasing energy quotient. They not only contain proteins and vitamins but also important minerals and calcium.

Calcium strengthens the muscles and keeps you strong, healthy and fit. With adequate muscles, reduced body fat and ample energy, you will have a body that everyone craves for. You do not have to exercise like a supermodel neither do you have to go on a rigorous diet. Visalus shakes can be consumed any time of the day at home and are also available any time anywhere. In case of all other supplementary shakes, taste is a huge problem. After the first intake, you don’t feel like having them anymore. But Visalus shakes solve this problem completely as they come in attractive delicious flavours. Hence you get a shake combined in healthy ingredients as well as great essence.

On the flip side, one may argue that the Visalus shakes comprise of Soy proteins which are harmful for the health. Many are of the opinion that Soy proteins are one of the cheapest sources of proteins and have raised severe health issues like lethargy, nutrition deficiency and Cancer. It only contains one-third of nutritive value of staple food and thus can never be a sufficient food substitute.

Whatever it is, it won’t harm anybody if he /she try it for the first time.


Visalus shakes consist of weight reducing elements which work like magic. They are healthy, tasty and keep your body fit. For more information please visit


Richard Davis



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