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We distribute your press release locally, nationally and internationally with a worldwide network of online and print news outlets. Unlike other major press release distribution services, we have no membership fees, and no added charge for targeting your press release.

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What is RSS?
RSS (Rich Site Summary/Really Simple Syndication) is an XML-based programming code format designed to share/distribute website content such as news, blog posts or comments. RSS allows you to stay updated on the most recent headlines and articles through one newssource, the RSS feed, as soon as they are published.

RSS Feed
An RSS feed is a list containing automatically updated content from your favorite websites. This feed usually consists of a channel, which has a title, link, description and language (optional), then followed by a series of items, each having a title, link and description. An RSS feed compiles several headlines/titles in one list and eliminates the need for you to visit multiple websites to gather information.

RSS Reader/News Aggregator
An RSS Reader or News Aggregator is a software that gathers, updates and displays RSS feeds. There are numerous commercial news aggregators/readers that you can download from reputable websites at no cost.

RSS Button Press Network RSS Feed
Most sites that offer RSS feeds use a standard orange RSS button, though some may simply provide a web link to their feed. The code that your News Reader needs to display the RSS Feed properly on your computer. To start displaying the Press Network RSS Feed you simply copy the URL associated with the RSS feed into your News Reader.

Press-Network Feed
To view an RSS feed, you will need a News Reader/Aggregator. There are numerous commercial news aggregators/readers that you can download from reputable websites at no cost. The Press-Network RSS link Press Network RSS Feed is located on the top left side of each page.


All press releases and press release information submitted to this site, including free press releases and press releases written on a client behalf, are solely based on what our users submit. Press-network disclaims any right and responsibility for the information contained therein; if there is any issues with free press releases or a press release written for a client please go to the client directly user who submitted the press release. We are a press release service that writes and/or distributed press release on behalf of clients.